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Ami Tuckered Out

Jul 13, 2020

Internationally acclaimed performer, philanthropist, author, and public speaker Lisa Rani Ray does not shy away from a challenge.  With a career that spans three decades and several continents, this trailblazer has a reputation for taking on issue-orientated films with courage and grace.  

The two of get a chance to play catch-up after 18 years (I basically was a chaiwallah on her movie set) and talk about it all.  From her first taste of public attention, to working in Bollywood in the 90's, to how serendipity has really played a major role throughout her life. 

We talk about how all the unexpected turns in her life led her to completing her memoir, Close to the Bone, and her plans to continue writing in the future, her first passion.  From motherhood to philanthropy to pet names for our hubby's, we pretty much cover it all.  Let me tell you guys, I would be a chaiwallah for this fascinating woman any day.