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Ami Tuckered Out

Oct 10, 2018

How about that time you interviewed someone you just met and became best friends immediately.  That's what happened to us after we talked with Simmi Patel, founder and creator of Paper Samosa, a fantastic and innovative brand that produces artwork with a touch of  Indian masala and Western pop culture-tightly wrapped in a crispy light-hearted shell of course.  We talk about everything from pigs on farms to why Simmi really dances like no aunties are watching- she just goes with whatever dance move feels right. 

Learn how she quit her 9-5, made decisions based on the weather and what she wants her followers to takeaway from her brand.  
Not only will you fall in love with her work, you will want to hang out with her in SF, I guarantee you.
Pancakes guys, always go with pancakes.
Links from the Show: