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Ami Tuckered Out

Jun 12, 2020

Ameeth Sankaran is CEO of the Religion of Sports, a Media company co-founded by Tom Brady, Michael Strahan and Gotham Chopra. He is also an Executive Producer of Tom vs. Time, Stephen vs. the Game, Headstrong: Mental Health and Sports, and the Why Sports Matter podcast among others. We sit down and chat about why this is more than just a media company and the unique ways the team is engaging with communities around the world to help bring to life uplifting sports stories. He tells me about his first time sitting around the table with the company’s co-founders, what they do to continually strive to create new and unique content through various platforms, and how he is basically living out his fandom.  We discuss #BLM and the ways ROS has been contributing to this conversation from day one.  I let Ameeth know that if Tom wants to grab a drink, I’ll figure out a way to free up my schedule.


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