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Ami Tuckered Out

Sep 27, 2018

Damn if feels good to be a podcaster.  

We're bbbaaaaccccckkkkkkkk!!!  Nizar (@nizarbabul) and I (@amituckeredout) had to take a small break this summer so I could officially become a Arkansonian (is that a word?).

In our relaunch episode, we talk about the move to this "flyover state" and how it feels to live here as a South Asian, especially during the insane political environment in which we're living now. We are also joined by two guests, Raj Suresh (@rajdoescomedy) and Shabana Kauser (@shabanakauserart)  who discuss their careers, compare accents, and explain how living in this region has helped shaped their specific artforms.
We're so excited to relaunch Season 1 with this #browntabletalk and are happy to be back and plugged into a headphone near you.