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Ami Tuckered Out

Feb 26, 2018

Who doesn't love sitting around chatting it up with some chicks and salsa?  And maybe some tequila. On this week's episode, we get to laugh it up with the ladies from the Chicks and Salsa Blog, Rina Puri, Sonia Shah and Avani Patel.

We cover everything from our prom nights to rollin' rotis to why Avani slays all day. They give me the inside scoop on how it really is to work together as best friends and sisters and what their ultimate goal is for the Chicks and Salsa brand.
And really, how well do they know each other?  We decide to test the ladies in our final segment of the episode by asking them some super deep, insightful questions.  You know, AmiTuckeredOut style.
Get ready to laugh it up during this candid, honest and #momsoffduty episode!