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Ami Tuckered Out

Apr 23, 2018

We’re baaaaaccccckk!!! After a little bit of a break due to honeymoons in New Zealand, trips to Iceland and packing boxes for an upcoming move, our crew is back with a fascinating South Asian trailblazer interview!!


Dr. Tara Narula Cangello is a cardiologist, professor, director and medical journalist with CBS. We talk to her about growing up Sikh-Italian in Miami, the hardest cases she’s had to work on and how she literally carved her own path to become a medical journalist. We also get personal with some motherhood talk while Dr. Tara schools us about the number one health concern in the South Asian community (hint, hint, something to do with the heart).


Find out why serendipity is her favorite word and hear the story of how her parents first met. Super pumped to ramp up the show again with this amazing trailblazer!