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Ami Tuckered Out

Nov 7, 2018

Varsha Mathur has one main goal- to uproot cultural stigmas and taboos with coaching and blogging topics related to dating, marriage, divorce and to focus on goals, communications skills and above all, mindfulness.  

After attending her first Indian wedding post-divorce, Varsha was inspired to change the course of her career and work with women who were struggling through bad relationships just as she had.  Growing up in a culture where dating and sex was not talked about, Varsha realized that many of her peers had gone through similar experiences and felt that she could help fill that void.
We talk about everything from dating as teenagers, to her first marriage to what her program, KnowingLuxe, is all about.  Check out Varsha's program at and give her a call to see if this is something for you.  We know we're ready for our second call with her.

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